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Unless you have ever visited or lived in the Lebanon - or else are part of its global diaspora extending across all five continents - chances are that you may never have experienced one of this beautiful but often sadly troubled country’s greatest treasures: its world-class viniculture.
Welcome then to the only online directory dedicated to the wines locally produced here at the eastern-most tip of the Mediterranean, and in many cases equal to those of the world’s more familiar wine regions. has been developed for wine drinkers - not necessarily the same as wine connoisseurs (and emphatically not for wine snobs) – by a couple of enthusiastic European amateurs to whom a premier cru Chateau Lafitte or a crisply dry Montrachet is not an entirely unknown quantity, yet for whom an unprovenanced Bulgarian red has also been known to bring pleasure & delight. In short, it’s been a labour of mostly love, yet on occasion inevitable disappointment too (no viniculture can ever claim to be totally perfect, nor could maintain credibility if it did).
It also incorporates a unique system of classification CVL (Classification de vins Libanais): which correlates quality with price. Don’t be surprised, then, to find some wines - however good they might be - receive a comparatively low rating. Whatever the label, there’s no excuse for hiking up the price.
We hope that you will enjoy the results of our fifteen-month long research during which time we have sampled over 60 different reds, whites and rosés. It’s been hard work, but well worth the effort – and as they say: somebody had to do it. And who knows, if having read this you then want to share our experience in the one way that really matters, then we may collectively help to boost the export trade of an admirable and estimable local industry that needs all the encouragement it can get.

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